Just Freeze It!

Tumor tissue samples submitted to the BMD Repository can be crucial keys to researchers looking for genetic causes of cancers. Because this type of submission happens at a very emotional time for owners, we have instituted our "Just Freeze It" campaign to make things simpler and easier at this difficult time.

Five Steps For Tumor Submission
  1. During an operation to remove a tumor mass or very shortly (within 1 hour) after your dog has died, have your vet remove a sample of the tumor tissue, about one cubic inch in size. A simple procedure is all that is needed to collect a sample. A full autopsy is not needed.
  2. Split the collected tumor tissue in half, to create two samples.
  3. One sample should be placed immediately in a formalin fixed solution for pathology diagnostics, if that has not already been done. If a Pathology has not been previously done, please have your vet send this Formalin Fixed sample into a Pathology Lab. We recommend Veterinary Diagnostics Laboratory at Michigan State University (VDL). Please click this link for Formalin Fixed collection instructions and VDL and Repository submission forms for you to use.
  4. The second tumor sample should be “DOUBLE zip locked bagged” and immediately placed in the vet’s freezer. Note: the sample can be safely frozen for weeks. Both samples are now ready and can be held at your vet clinic for further instructions from the Repository.
  5. Contact Marlee Richter, LVT (berners@cvm.msu.edu) at the Repository, during regular business hours, for further instructions about shipment of samples.

We truly understand the enormous commitment it takes to submit a tumor tissue sample and greatly appeciate your efforts to do so.

For Questions Or Help

If you have any questions regarding the submission of samples, please contact one of our BMD Repository co-liaisons or our primary contact at Micigan State University.

Marlee Richter, LVT (Repository at MSU)

Brycie Marine (Repository Co-Liaison)

Julie Latterell (Repository Co-Liaison)

Financial Assistance

If you are having difficulty with the financial aspects of getting a tumor sample submitted to the BMD Repository, there may be some financial assistance available through the following resources:

BMDCA Pearson Fund: http://bmdca.org/health/pearson_fund.php

Berner-Garde Foundation: Please contact Brycie Marine (email link above) for more information.

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