The Bernese Mountain Dog DNA and Tissue Repository

As part of our mission to improve the health and longevity of our Berners, the Berner-Garde Foundation (BGF) and Michigan State University (MSU), with support from the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America (BMDCA), have established a Repository that collects, stores and maintains DNA and tumor tissue samples from Bernese Mountain Dogs. The goal of the Repository is to facilitate research on serious genetic diseases affecting the breed. The samples collected, along with the health and pedigree information in the Berner-Garde database, assists researchers in important research which helps progress treatment and/or genetic identification of diseases prevalent in Bernese Mountain Dogs.

Submit Blood or Tumor Samples

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Research Access To The Repository

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Detailed Repository Info

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Just Freeze It!

Our Just Freeze It campaign is designed to simplify the instructions and process of contributing tumor tissue to the Bernese Mountain Dog DNA and Tissue Repository.

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For Questions Or Help

If you have any questions regarding the submission of samples to the BMD Repository, please contact one of our Repository co-liaisons or our primary contact at Micigan State University.

Brycie Marine (Repository Co-Liaison)

Julie Latterell (Repository Co-Liaison)

Marlee Richter (Repository at MSU)

Financial Assistance Available

If you are having difficulty with the financial aspects of getting a tumor sample submitted to the BMD Repository, there may be some financial assistance available. Please contact Brycie Marine (click link above) for more information.

Repository Contact Information
Berner-Garde Foundation

Lori Jodar
President, BGF

Brycie Marine
BGF Repository Co-Liaison

Julie Latterell
BGF Repository Co-Liaison

Mary Maliarik
BGF Science Advisor

Michigan State University

Marlee Richter, LVT LAT
Primary Submissions Contact

Dr. Vilma Yuzbasiyan-Gurkan
Professor and Associate Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine
MSU Repository Director
517-355-6463 ext.1562

Dr. Matti Kiupel, DACVP
Professor, Pathobiology and Diagnostic Investigation
Director, Immunohistopathology Laboratory and Biopsy Service
MSU Diagnostic Center for Population and Animal Health 517-432-2670