Litter Detail for Litter ID 34154
Whelp Date: May 6, 2001
Country Of Birth: United States of America
Litter Reg #: WR059125
Sire: ARTUR Z LOUCCKE KOTLINY (BUB) WR02111801 (AKC), AWR02111801G01 (APRI)
Dam: BRUNO'S SHEILA WP99061210 (AKC)
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Stillborn Males:
Neonate Males:
Stillborn Females:
Neonate Females:
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Data Source: Other
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Dogs In This Litter
Dog IDDog NameCall NameSexRegistrationsDeceased
39093FRED IS COUNTRY MWR05912501 (AKC), APRI IO3-37639T (APRI) 
39500KOTLINY'S BRUNO MWR05912502 (AKC)