What's New in Berner-Garde 5.1
Dog Health Update Form
  • Specific form now available to add or update health information for a dog.
  • Optional ability to attach a pathology or veterinarians report. This will make the health record 'diagnosed', which adds significant value to the information.
  • Format of the Health record changed slightly.
  • Back-end processing created to make health updates easier for our Berner-Garde data operators to process.
Date of Death Update Form
  • Specific form now available to send in the date of death for a dog.
  • Simple, brief form now makes this easy.
Submit Data Page Changes
  • Significant changes in wording to make it more understandable to find the submission form you want to use.
  • All forms now available on this page. In the past, the Certifications and Title submission forms were only abailable from the dog detail display page.
  • Dog selection is now done before the form is displayed. This allows forms to be pre-populated.
StudFinder Enhancements.
  • Coefficient of Inbreeding (COI) now included in StudFinder search results.
  • StudFinder search results now have columns that can be sorted.

Numerous small fixes in various programs.
Implemented November 29, 2021