The Berner-Garde Database

The Berner-Garde Database is an extensive collection of health and pedigree information on Bernese Mountain Dogs that has been compiled for over 40 years by breeders and owners across the world. The information is to be used by owners, breeders and researchers to identify and reduce the incidence of disease in Berners in breeding decisions and research projects.

The main purpose of our the database is to collect and disseminate information that has been voluntarily submitted by owners and breeders which we have gone to great lengths to verify as accurate. However, it is the responsibility of owners and breeders to use the data responsibly.

The data is provided through voluntary submission of information by owners and breeders wishing to do their part to improve the future health of the breed. To ensure the information is as accurate as possible, we have a worldwide team of data operators who check and verify much of the information before it is allowed to be visible in the database. Only by having extremely accurate information can science effectively utilize the data for research.

In addition to owner submitted information, Berner-Garde imports test results data from The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) on a quarterly basis and utilizes the AKC and other national kennel club websites to verify information when possible. Our goal is to have the most comprehensive and accurate collection of information on Bernese Mountain Dogs available anywhere.

Additional information can be found on our Database Policies page.

Database Statistics

Here are some current selected statistics from the database:

Number of dogs: 222,144

Number of litters: 65,847

Number of people: 53,743

Number of test results: 147,942

Number of health records: 34,049

Number of photos: 27,928