Our Privacy Policy

The Berner-Garde Foundation values your privacy very much. It is our policy to not provide personal contact information or mailing lists to any person or organization other than scientific researchers approved by the Board of Trustees. We have taken steps to minimize the possibility of internet search engines discovering your contact information. You have the option to prevent public display of certain personal contact information in the database. Please use the Display Option in the Personal Information Submission Form to specify that.

The Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America utilizes the Berner-Garde People table as their membership database. Selected BMDCA committee chairs do have access to your contact information.

To protect your personal information, direct linking to People detail information pages is no longer allowed.

To protect the integrity of the database and prevent abuse, our computers do record the fact that you have logged into the site and if you have submitted information. User activity within the database is not tracked (searches made, dogs viewed, etc.).