Berner-Garde Newsletter Mar, 2024
Trametinib Phase II Clinical Trial Flyer2 for download HS drug trial at 4 Universities
Berner-Garde Newsletter Feb, 2024
Title Record Tab, how to check & update your BMD's titles/BG Breeder Kits/Trametinib Phase II Clinical Trial, a Histiocytic Sarcoma drug/National Specialty 2024/Links for BG website/FB/Brochure/Newsletters/You Tube
Berner-Garde Newsletter Dec, 2023
Link for BG You Tube channel/how to: personalize database settings, update your contact info/New litter submission form/Research news: Histiocytic Sarcoma (HS) Trametinib clinical trial, liquid biopsy to detect HS/BG merchandise
Berner-Garde Newsletter Oct, 2023
New: BG information brochure & link/Change to microchip # location in database, last known alive date/Health Info/Health Record tab refresher, how to update your dog's hlth info/BG website & FB links/New: Litter Form/Merchandise
Berner-Garde Newsletter Aug, 2023
BG mission/vision/objectives, Facebook page & website, Database Policies, individual dog & litter photos, merch, BMD DNA & Tissue Repository